Today marks the beginning of an audacious endeavor to take CETO to the Ethereum blockchain (ECETO) and Binance Smart Chain (BCETO). For those early adopters of CETO-Prime on Tron, our Ambassador List members, and the Herd in general, we appreciate your interest and support.

(Ambassador List members please note: You must use the same wallet address to buy E/BCETO that you used in order to reserve your Ambassador List slot.)


Initial Price: 0.0000001 ETH

Incremental Increase/Decrease: 0.00000001 ETH

Max price per transaction: 0.025 ETH

Auto-reinvest minimum default setting: 0.25 ETH

The Ethereum network, in its current state, can be an expensive place to transact. Please prepare for deposit fees as high as 0.07 ETH and contract calls as high as 0.03 ETH.

We recommend keeping at least 0.1 ETH in your wallet for transactions.


Initial Price: 0.0000005 BNB

Incremental Increase/Decrease: 0.00000005 BNB

Max price per transaction: 0.003 BNB

Auto-reinvest minimum default setting: 0.03 BNB

We recommend keeping at least 0.1 BNB in your wallet for transactions.

Please make sure you have the correct BNB for your transaction! The Binance Smart Chain only accepts BNB (BEP20). You should be able to swap BNB for BNB (BEP20) in your wallet.


Can I make money with CETO?

Sure, why not? Through exchanging TRX/ETH/BNB for CETO, you can earn in several ways:

  • receiving dividends from transaction fees
  • increase in price of your chosen coin
  • increase in price of CETO, due to the amount of TRX/ETH/BNB in the contract
  • receiving dividends through referral fees

Are you guaranteed to make money? Of course not! Only fools and liars make guarantees — we’re Elephants.

Is CETO a security?

No. Because of the autonomous, decentralized nature of the CETO contract, the CETO token should not be considered as a security. We don’t control how the CETO contract works after it has launched (so read our open-source contract, boys and girls). We have to buy CETO at the same price as everyone else at the same time as everyone else. The CETO smart contract does not offer or promise a rate of return — it is for entertainment purposes only.

How do I get TRX/ETH/BNB?

Tron, Ethereum, and BNB (TRX/ETH/BNB) are available at several cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Most likely, you will need a fiat-to-crypto gateway like Gemini or ChangeNow in order to get started. Also the Exodus wallet has a built-in exchange.

Why are there penalties for early withdrawal?

We want to establish a community around the profitability of patience. Too often, these hourglass contracts get pumped-and-dumped, ruining whatever value and trust tokenholders had in the contract.

By encouraging a 30-day hold period, we believe fiscal responsibility and, well, greed will trump fear. Instead of everyone dumping at once, every day will be someone’s thirtieth day. But if fear outstrips greed, leaving the contract early will make bad business sense — and increase dividends for the rest of us. That’s right: Your penalty for leaving within 30 days of deposit go to the other CETO tokenholders.

You’re free to withdraw your money anytime you want. However, if you withdraw before 30 days of your deposit or reinvestment, it’s gonna cost you.

If I withdraw dividends without reinvesting, is there a penalty?

Nope. You can withdraw your dividends at any time penalty-free. You will, however, still need to have at least 20 TRX in your wallet to process the transaction.

If I withdraw non-reinvested dividends and principal before its 30 days are up, is there a penalty?

Only on your principal. Your dividends and principal will combine to be charged the 10% transaction fee. Then the principal will be charged any applicable early withdrawal fees and distributed to the other tokenholders with your transaction fee.

How can I earn CETO for free?

Sign up for a CETO wallet and share your referral link with others; you will receive 33% of the dividends of your referrals. But don’t be obnoxious about it; nobody loves a salesman! Tell, don’t sell: let your gains do the talking.

Is CETO a one-to-one value ratio with TRX/ETH/BNB?

No. The price of CETO is set by the amount of your chosen coin in the contract. So the greater the amount of TRX/ETH/BNB in the contract, the higher the price to buy or sell CETO.

Is CETO a MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme?

No. The contract only rewards 33% of your direct referrals’ dividends to you. Any of your referral’s referrals’ rewards go to them.

Are we associated with the original hourglass contract, P3D, or its development team Team JUST?

Hell no. But if it ain’t broke, don’t break it. We didn’t invent the hourglass smart contract — we just made it better. No one here has worked for Team JUST, sympathize with Nazis, or has ever done a rug-pull or scammed its community.

We are, however, associated with the original CETO contract based on the Tron network. Yes, that’s us.

Why is there more than one CETO?

We at the CETO Foundation are platform agnostic. While we started the whole CETO economy on the Tron blockchain, we will expand to different blockchains as we see fit — creating awesome, high-volume transactional products for all.

Will the dividends all end up being in one pool in my wallet or will they be separated by the type of transaction( TRX vs. ETH vs. BNB, etc.)?

Dividends will end up being separated by chain.

When will this end?

That’s entirely up to you. The contract itself is designed to run for as long as the internet itself. How profitable it will be is up to you, your friends, and the rest of our profit-hungry little pack of pachyderms. Whether just for thirty days or thirty years, Crystal Elephant Token will be here for you to enjoy.

The original Crystal Elephant.