Crystal Elephant Farm (CEFA): One DeFi Token to Rule Them All

Today, we are excited and proud to announce the latest venture from the CETO Foundation: Crystal Elephant Farm (CEFA).




Crystal Elephant Farm (CEFA) gives you all the consistency, variety, and flexibility you need to profit in crypto today. CEFA is the evolution of DeFi — one token, eight ways to profit.

Like its DeFi cousin, CETO, every CEFA transaction is taxed 10%. But look what gets done with it:

6%: reflection rewards back to holders

*~0.75%: rewards to CETO Blockchain Family holders

*~1.2%: burned to Fertilizer Bag account

*~4%: proportionally distributed and compounded into CEFA holders’ accounts

4%: automated liquidity on PancakeSwap

* 2%: BNB

*2%: CEFA

  • Creates CEFA-BNB Liquidity Pool (LP tokens FERTILIZED/burnt)

Unlike some of these fly-by-night tokens with ridiculously high token supplies, CEFA’s modest 100 million total supply promises 20 years’ worth of monthly airdrops to holders, dividends to the CETO Blockchain Family of existing tokens, locked liquidity with burnt LP tokens (can’t rugpull if there are no rugs!), and robust yield farming with plenty of staking opportunities for your tokens.

With every transaction earning rewards, dividends to CETO, providing liquidity, and burning the token supply, CEFA is designed for scarcity and longevity.


This isn’t a mere case of FOMO with all these sketchy “galaxy” coins ricocheting all over the DeFi space. This is our attempt to broaden our loyal CETO base with a more complex — yet rewarding — product that will drive transactions and, in turn, your divs.

Although there are no early withdrawal penalties with CEFA, the ability to use CEFA with all of our forthcoming BNB-based products and games gives it instant utility (we see you, Provably Fair!). That each transaction will contribute to your CETO, ECETO, and BCETO dividends equally will also drive up the activity and value of your holdings. With airdrops coming every 30 days for 20 years also encourages long-term holding. And that most of these benefits are ownership renounced (trustless, without human interference) increases the long-term security of your funds.

Most important, CEFA will be the funding catalyst we need to truly maximize the potential of the CETO ecosystem. IEOs (initial exchange offerings) gain more and more popularity to fund teams and projects, along with the support of a ready-made platform to provide liquidity for investors and traders. Now it’s the Elephant’s time to step into the ring. Whether you buy CEFA or just continue to HODL your CETO, we will all enjoy the benefits nonetheless.

Life’s about to get really good on the Farm.


  • More passive income
  • More transactions and dividends for B/E/CETO
  • A liquid complement to the savings elements of CETO
  • BEP20-compliant and swappable with other Binance Smart Chain tokens
  • Ability to stake and yield farm
  • Helps finance bringing CETO Foundation products to market across all three chains
  • No 30-day early withdrawal penalties


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Over the next several days, we will make announcements regarding our testnet, pre-sale, and Initial Farm Offering (IFO) fair launch. We are very close — think days, not weeks.

In spite of development challenges, we anticipate Big Tent launching testnet within the next 7 days; Provably Fair for BCETO within the next 21 days.

Please make sure to stay informed and join the conversation using our social links below.



Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash





The original Crystal Elephant.